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Gabriel Bakker
1113 Davis
Arlington, TX 76013
(469) 223 5476

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University of Texas at Arlington
Computer Science Engineering program
GPA 3.3

Bishop Foley Catholic High School
A college prep school
AP and Honors Schedule
GPA 3.3
ACT Score: 32


Sage AX (December 2005 – Present)
Job title:          System Designer/Project Manager/Programmer
While at Sage AX I have worked with a number of notable clients including: NAPA Auto Parts (Rayloc), Foxtree IPM, SMS Software, Application Development Systems, Tisdale CPA, Beneficial Technologies, EEE Technologies, and more. Additionally, Sage AX is responsible for a lot of the content at the annual BR conferences.

Rayloc, a Division of NAPA Auto Parts  (May 2005 – September 2008)
Job title:          Programmer
I designed and implemented a number of critical custom modifications to NAPA's Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation. Before that, I worked to integrate their WMS BR software with other applications, improve the ease and simplicity of their existing user interfaces, and make the software more powerful. Additionally, I implemented a number of custom changes in the software at the request of their end users.

Application Development Systems (May 1999 - Present)
Job title:          Systems Designer/Programmer
I have worked for ADS off and on for nearly all of my professional programming career. I have written new programs to provide additional functionality for their MRP customers, and I debugged old ones. Frequently I do work improving a program as a custom modification for a specific customer. I also worked extensively, along with a small group of other programmers, to design/implement/test much of the BR New Gui giving the BR! programmer access to many Windows GUI functions.

EEE Technologies  (May 2004 – September 2004)
Job title:          Senior Programmer
I worked closely with Timothy Eloe (System Designer and Manager) in an eXtreme Programming environment to implement his designs for improvements to EEE’s POS/Inventory Tracking/Fuel System Management software, OneTouch. In the space of the short summer I was there I went from earning $10 per hour as the new guy to earning $40,000 as the Senior Programmer, and I took part in the interviewing process for hiring other programmers. It was here I got my introduction to SQL.

I Completed a Christian Service program in High School doing work in everything from helping strangers, to tutoring friends, to tutoring elementary school children in Math (1st and 2nd graders). I recently helped to teach two 12 year old children to program in Qbasic. In college I have continued this tradition tutoring people in Computer Programming and Mathematics.

I am highly motivated and taught myself computer programming from a book when I was in the fourth grade; I have had over 17 years experience programming computers. I was on my high school's computer programming team for the first three years and I was the captain of it for the fourth. I also love to write and find I am a creative person, which is helpful in the computer industry when you need to solve problems.

Business Rules             17 Years
Dynamics AX 3 Years
Visual Basic 3.5 Years
SQL 3 Years
C++ 2 Years
C 1 Year
Assembly 6 Months
Turbo Pascal 1 Year
Qbasic 5 Years
GW-Basic 6 Years
Java 6 Months


BR Forum Annoucements


The FileIO library is a powerful BR library designed to aid the BR programmer in Read and Write access in a revolutionary way that brings much of the convenience of SQL to the BR Programmer. If FileIO is used properly, your File Layouts become the source for your BR Form Statements and your read/write access. Using FileIO also gives the BR Programmer access to a whole host of powerful development tools.


The ScreenIO library is a powerful library that builds on FileIO. ScreenIO is the fastest way we know of to develop business software.

A ScreenIO license is now included in the purchase of your BR license, in all copies of BR 4.32c and higher. Contact Gordon Dye of Business Rules Corp at gordon.dye@brulescorp.com , or (248) 619-0400 to update your BR license to the latest version. If you already have the appropriate BR license, then simply download ScreenIO from the link above! To use ScreenIO in older versions of BR, a special license may be purchased from Sage AX. For information, contact Gabriel Bakker of Sage AX at gabriel.bakker@gmail.com .


Entering line numbers is a constant distraction to the flow of creative thought. Programmers shouldn't have to concern ourselves with counting line numbers when we have computers to count for us. Allow LEXI to handle these cumbersome details for you. Enjoy better focus and greater productivity today.

Web Scripting Bridge

The BR Web Scripting Bridge is a free tool that enables the BR programmer to write interactive web pages that seamlessly integrate with your existing software suite. See the Sourceforge Page below for more information about the BR Web Scripting Bridge.

Audit BR

Audit BR is a powerful addon to FileIO that creates an Audit Log and can compare your BR data files between any two points in time. Using Audit BR will make your debugging and development more effecient, and it can also be used to find problems and fix them before they become bigger.